CNC Horizontal Boring Mills

The process of qualifying aircraft landing gear requires boring mills that can remove large amounts of stock rapidly and accurately. Ewart-Ohlson is equipped with seven 5” and 6” bar CNC horizontal boring mills for this purpose, with machining envelopes as large as 150” in X, 98” in Y, and 72” in Z. Two of these are five-axis machines, including 360,000 position tables. This gives Ewart-Ohlson the ability to perform highly accurate finishing operations as well as roughing operations where stock removal is paramount.

Our CNC Horizontal Boring Machines

  • Lucas 30T Horizontal Boring Mill -- X = 84" Y = 84" Z = 48" W = 36"
  • Giddings & Lewis 70-G5-T CNC Horizontal Boring Mill -- X = 132" Y = 72" Z =58" W = 36"