CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machines

One of Ewart-Ohlson’s specialties is ID stock removal from large forgings. The company owns three deep hole drilling machines, including one that has been custom built to our requirements. These machines can drill up to eleven inches diameter for a depth of eleven feet in a single pass. In addition, these machines can be equipped with customized boring heads to produce complex finished forms. Ewart-Ohlson designs and manufactures its own boring heads and cartridges to meet customer requirements.

Our Deep Hole Drilling Machines

  • Cincinnati Deep Hole HBM -- 14.5" ID x 126" dp
  • Cincinnati Deep Hole HBM -- 14.5" ID x 79" dp
  • Ewart-Ohlson Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine -- 14.5" ID x 132" dp